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Green Innovations Plus
Green Innovations Plus was born out of the desire to assist Consumers and Business Owners in becoming “Greener” in their daily practices.
As a second generation Master Plumber with sixty years experience in the industry, my interest has always gravitated to the safety of the water we use every day.
As a Code Enforcer with the Department of Environmental Recourses, I witnessed firsthand the damage to our environment caused by polluting water treatment systems.
Understanding the importance of safe water as it relates to a healthy life style, I set out to find the latest technologies in water treatment. I was surprised to learn that outdated salt water softeners were still the method of choice in Florida. Most consumers are not aware of the Health issues as well as environmental harm these systems cause. Many Cities and States have banned the use of Salt water softeners.
Years of testing and system development has brought us to where we are today. Having aligned with specific US manufactures of integrity, we offer the latest in State of the Art water processing technologies. Rather than a one size fits all philosophy, we design systems specifically for the individual needs of our clients.
We recently introduced the Quantum 6000 Under Sink Alkaline System.
In addition to removing all dangerous elements, including Fluoride, it produces healthy bacteria free alkaline water for cooking and drinking.
The process is simple, we bring a sample of our water for you to taste, test your water and make the proper recommendation. If you like what we have we will schedule the Installation.
Affordable financing lets you own a complete system for about a Dollar a day.
For many, this may be the first opportunity to enjoy safe, clean, scale free water at every faucet in your home, both Hot and Cold.

You will never need to buy another bag of salt or bottled water again!

I look forward to being of service to you.

Fred DeFelice
Master Plumber ~ Systems Designer
Direct: 727-804-4562
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