August St Petersburg Meeting

  • 08/04/2016
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Acupuncture & Herbal Therapies, 222 2nd St N


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The purpose of the meeting is for holistic professionals to collaborate, support and encourage each other. At the meetings you will have an opportunity to share who you are and what you do and learn about your peers in the community. In addition, the meetings provide an opportunity to leverage the wealth of collective knowledge and experience of members from both a business and a practitioner perspective

NEW! SPEAKER SEGMENT begins at the August 4th St Petersburg Meeting! Open to all members to attend...

Do you have a story within you that’s anxiously waiting to be shared?

Do you feel you have more to offer but not sure how to tap into it?

Are you being called to share a message, yet you’re not sure how to express it?

Jonathan Greye - Spiritual Branding Expert, an Award Winning Creative Director, Creative Strategist, and Spiritual Branding Expert, will share 5 ways to help you ignite your spiritual brand.

"In order to create a brand that’s designed specifically for you, we have to dive deep into who YOU are. I’m not talking about highlighting the day to day you. I mean I want to unearth the essence of you. The you that’s anxiously waiting to be revealed. The you that’s at the core of your being. Discovering your personal brand is key for understanding who you are and what you wish to offer to the world."

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