Mabon: Autumn Equinox Festival

  • 09/21/2017
  • 6:30 PM
  • RSVP for St Petersburg location


Mabon is the pagan celebration of the Autumn Equinox. This festival incites us to "reap what is sown" and rejoice in the fruits of the year. We express gratitude for the earth and its gifts, and take time to honor this day of balance.This is a time for completing projects, reseting our inner monologues, and reflecting on time passed.

We invite you to join us by the fire, where we will celebrate with music, dancing, and cleansing rituals. This is perfect for not only clearing your mind, but cleansing your spirit of negativity as we move into the final stages of the year. 

We hope to keep this ceremony intimate, and will be limiting participation. To reserve a spot, please sign up on our website:
Cost: $25

To pay:
(select "Evening Pass" for $25)

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