Meet Our Team

Founder - Deserie Valloreo

Deserie is passionate about helping holistic providers realize the value of their knowledge and experience and use it to create something of greater value for themselves, their business, and their clients. In addition to over 20 years of project management experience and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems Management, Deserie is a Certified Clinical Herbalist. She leverages her experience in delivering hundreds of wellness workshops through her company HerbalWise to provide valuable insight and best practices. She is the creator of her own line of herbal remedies and is featured in over 200 instructional videos on natural remedies for health and home. 

Meeting Facilitator - Debbie Hutchinson

Debbie is the Executive Director and Founder of Astounding Victory Over Intoxicating Drugs (A.V.O.I.D.), a non-profit organization. She is also the owner of a newly formed for-profit business, Turning Tides.  She has recently completed course work in a Masters in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport and is currently working on a certification in nutrition for the CNS. Debbie takes a functional medicine approach to nutrition; her interests are in providing viable and alternative solutions to those who struggle with mental health and addictions.

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